Sex after 40: How can you keep the flame of passion lit?

While most couples believe that love fades after 40, we can show you that bedroom guides are not too old. You can have sexual longevity by being patient, being careful with your partner and never giving up on trying new things in bed.

What is the best age to start sex?
Contrary to popular belief, there is still a sexlife after 40, contrary to popular belief. Although we all associate sex as youth, science has shown that we can still enjoy our partners in sex even after we turn gray.

Although our muscle flexibility is not as good as it was at 20 years of age, we still have the ability to experiment with more sexual positions. However, a touch or massage can bring us back to life.

According to specialist studies, some physiological functions decrease with age. Men, for example, experience a decrease in quality and length of erections. These effects can be worsened by conditions like prostate or cardiovascular disease.

The main problem for ladies is lubrication. The vaginal cavity can no longer produce the same amount as it did in youth.

This does not mean you cannot get around the bedroom. Potency supplements are a great option for men who want to maintain erection for longer periods of time.

Even if you are a person who tends to just go straight to work, it is important to place more emphasis on foreplay.

Tips for a 40 year-old sex life
After 40, sex is more about tenderness and calculated touches than the explosive effusions of youth. You can add a little more lubricant if your partner is experiencing pain during penetration.

If you have trouble maintaining an erection, don’t panic. You can massage the intimate areas with a long stroke. You can get a better result by asking your partner to massage the perineum (the region between the anus & the testicles) with his fingers or the tip of his tongue.

Surprise your partner with a long massage that focuses on the intimate parts and ends with oral sex. You will need to insist on the intimate areas of the body because the vagina is less able to self-lubricate.

One of the most popular sex myths is the belief that a man can only have orgasm during ejaculation. There is nothing worse. Oral stimulation of the erogenous areas can cause male orgasm as well as penetration.

There is no sexual longevity formula. Many people find that sexual intercourse is difficult or impossible due to their medical conditions.

Antidepressant treatments can cause side effects such as a lack of orgasm. Certain medications, such as those for Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s can irreversibly alter sexual function.

You need patience and patience when it comes to sex after 40. Although you may be less active in the bedroom than you once were, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on sex.

Eight things that every man needs to know about the penis: All about it

Although we know that penis has two functions in biology (reproductive and secretory), many aspects remain a mystery. You want to learn everything you can about penis. This article will tell you all about penis.

Smoking can reduce the size of your penis
An excessive use of tobacco can adversely affect a person’s sexual life. It can also irreversibly impact aspects of marital life, beyond the grave conditions such as cardiovascular disease and lung cancer.

Surprisingly smoking can have an impact on the size of your penis. The penis size of heavy smokers can be as much as one centimeter smaller than those who don’t smoke. Men can stimulate their penis by watching filme xxx. It is simple. Smoking disrupts blood circulation and causes calcification of blood vessels. This causes a weak, short-lasting erection.

Another unfortunate side effect of smoking is infertility. Clinical studies have shown that tobacco contains certain chemicals which can alter the physiological properties of men such as their concentrations, motility (degrees of movement), appearance, and genetic information.
There are many types of penis.

Although men tend to believe that the penis is one-shaped, doctors have proven that there are actually two types.

The first penis type is one that expands when it becomes erect. The second penis is the penis that stays the same size or grows 1 to 2 centimeters after erection.
The brain is not involved in the ejaculation process

You’ve probably all heard the expression, “The man in love doesn’t think.” This saying seems to make sense. The nerve bundle in the spine triggers the physiological mechanism that causes ejaculation, according to a study.

Penis ruptures can occur
The male reproductive organ may rupture, regardless of how it is described in colloquial language. Penile fractures are most commonly caused by accidental trauma or sexual activity without foreplay.

The fibrous tissue around the corpus cavernosum, anatomical cavity that plays a crucial role in erection, may become brittle due to unusual sexual interactions. Penile fracture is characterized by acute pain in the penis, which can radiate into your abdomen, loss of erection, edema, and a sound very similar to the one produced when the small alveoli break.

The treatment for a penis fracture is similar to a bone fracture. The patient will be advised to stay in bed during treatment and to wear a special support splint.

During pregnancy, the penis can become erect.
Surprisingly, a baby’s penis may become erect during pregnancy. Sometimes, the baby might have an erection several months before birth. In some cases, ultrasounds even show that they can masturbate in the mother’s womb.

The largest penis in all of the world
The American Jonah Adam Falcon holds the title of the largest penis worldwide in the category of world records. A specialized commission was formed to homologate Falcon’s measurements in 1999. It determined that Falcon’s penis measured 34 cm tall.
One penis can be owned by a man.

Strangely, a man may have more than one penis. Dysphagia is a rare medical condition that allows patients to have two functional penises.

Patients with dysphagia are twice more likely to develop spinal cord disease than others.

This article aims to provide the most interesting information on the penis. We hope we were able to show that the penis is an important part of a man’s anatomy. Do you have any other curiosities?

The life of lovers: Words and their meanings

Circumcision – Circumcision refers to the removal of the skin that crosses the end of penis with the acorns. The ideal situation is for the entire acorn to be left exposed, even its base, after circumcision. The smegma should not be stored in skin folds after the edge has been removed. Smegma, a white, fragrant substance, is produced by frequent washing of the foreskin. This can cause inflammation and even cancer.

Orgasm, also known as sexual climax, is the culmination or sexual pleasure. It is a pleasant psychological response to sexual stimulation that is often accompanied by strong physiological responses. Ejaculation is the sign of the climax for men. Orgasm in women is characterized by the contractions of the tissue around the uterus and vagina. They are usually between 3-12 but can go higher.

Paraphilia is a form of sexual abnormality. It is a condition that causes intense sexual desire, fantasies, or behavior. If it is manifested for a longer time, the minimum 6 months, to children, or to other people who are unable or unwilling to consent, it can cause humiliation.

Experts define pedophilia as a persistent condition or reactivity that is predominantly or exclusively erotic and aimed at minors, girls or boys.

The externalized male genital system, penis, is made of sponge tissue. The penis body is composed of three areolar, fibro-muscular formations. There are two cavernous bodies in the penis’ dorsal portion and a sponge body in the penis’ ventral. The penile spongy is connected to its urethra by the urinal meatus at the top of each glan. The skin is located on the surface of the sexual leg. It is thin and mobile, the foreskin.

Genitals, also known as the sexual device in Latin (Latin Organa genitalia), is a subsystem within the urogenital systems; it is an organ system that ensures reproduction.

Polygamy is when multiple women marry at once. Polygamy is when one spouse has multiple partners. Most often, a man has many wives. Polygamy is a common practice in modern times, not only among Muslims and Hindus but also in certain African countries.

Erectile dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction or obsolescence, is a condition that prevents a man from having the erection (tumescence), necessary for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can be either temporary or chronic (chronic).

Potency – Latin for power, performance, ability and capacity.

Premature ejaculation is a Latin term that refers to “Ejaculatio Praecox”. This is ejaculation which occurs after minimal sexual stimulation. It can occur either before or after the vagina penetrates (1-2 minutes). Premature ejaculation affects approximately 20% of adult men aged 18 and older. It affects not only men but their partners as well, who can become frustrated and lead to a decline in sexual relations and partnerships.

Interrupted intercourse- Coitus interruptionus is a technique or practice that involves the removal of the genital organs from the vagina just before ejaculation. It can be used to prolong a man’s resistance sexual intercourse, delay ejaculation and as contraceptive.

The prostate – is a small gland that secretes prostate fluid, which is one of the components in sperm. It is located between the bladder & penis, in front of the prostate. The prostate is the location where the urethra passes through. This transports urine from the bladder. The milk fluid contains the prostate, which is essential for semen and ensures a longer lifespan. The vas deferens is a channel that transfers sperm from the testicle into the prostate. The prostate opens and pushes the fluid to the urethra. It is approximately 20 grams in weight and is the same size as a walnut. It can grow with age, which is normal for most men.

Sadism is a perversion which manifests itself in the torture of the partner, or the need to cruelty the sexual instinct. Sadism refers to a form sadomasochism that involves demonstrating sexual desire by physical or psychological abuse of the partner. This includes verbal aggression, beatings and suffocation, as well as verbal aggression.

Sexologist: Analyzes the psychic causes of sexual frustration. He may also prescribe medication, unlike a psychologist who provides only counseling. A referral from your family physician is not required to visit a psychiatrist or sexologist. If you are experiencing the following issues: erection problems, such as decreased libido/loss of sexual desire, premature ejaculation, pain during intercourse or during orgasm; incoherence between partners; impotence or sexual orientation issues, a visit to a psychiatrist is right for your.

Sodomy, also known as sexual perversion, was originally a religious term. It refers to socially unacceptable sexual behavior such as anal sex or same-sex contact or oral sex. It has been used as a marker of type of crime in the past.

Striptease is a form of exclusive entertainment where the dancer wears nothing but his naked body. You can always watch striptease on sites like filme xxx gratis.

Swinging, also known as a swinger party, is a group of people who support the exchange of sexual partners between designated couples and single women. This phenomenon is easy to identify because it involves singles and couples meeting up for sex. Swingers are people who enjoy sex but don’t want to share the joy.

Transsexualism is a distinction between the sex of the person involved and the sex to whom the person related.

Urologist – The department of medicine Urology deals with the male and female urinary systems and related diseases. It also focuses on the prevention and treatment of male sexual disorders. Ask your family doctor to refer you to urology if you have erectile dysfunction or urinary problems. You can be treated privately at an outpatient urology clinic for a fee, without the need to see a family physician.

Vaginismus is a sudden condition that does not respond to vaginal spasms. When the vagina becomes inflamed, such as during a gynecological exam or sexual intercourse, this condition may occur.

Vasectomy, also known as male sterilization, is the best method of contraception for men with a full reproductive cycle or who have had children but have decided to not have more. After close consultation with their partner, men who have multiple children and are married will need to make the sterilization decision. The procedure for sterilizing males involves local anesthesia with a 5mm incision at the top of the scrotum. This is in contrast to sterilizing females, which requires total anesthesia that requires hospitalization.

Voaiorism is a form of sexual misconduct that involves the expression of sexual arousal after secretly observing the sexual contact between people.

Zerex tablets are a nutritional supplement that promotes strong, quality erections. Zerex contains extracts of traditional herbs, vitamins, and naturally occurring amino acid. Natural ingredients include Tribulus Terrestris and Peruvian Maca. Ginseng, Marian Peach and L-Arginine. L-Lysine, Theobromine (cocoa beans extract) are some of the other vitamins. These vitamins positively impact the firmness, quality, and longevity of the erection. They also maintain optimal levels of male hormone and stimulate libido. Zinc is important for fertility and proper reproduction. It also helps to maintain normal blood levels of male hormone. L-arginine aids in the improvement of blood supply and fine capillaries to the sexual organs. This contributes to firm erection.

This article is about oral sex for women

Many men rush to the genitals when it comes to satisfying their life partner. However, stimulating the surrounding areas can also be as sensual. This guide will teach you everything you need about oral sex for women. It will also show you how to make your partner’s nights unforgettable. You will need to be patient and exercise for many of these things.

Vaginal stimulation is different from one partner to the next

Oral sex is not a one-size-fits all method. It may surprise you to discover that what worked with your ex-girlfriend in bed might not work with her current partner. You should probably remind her about this.

Keep in mind that oral sex can differ from one partner to the next, as well as from one party to another. Although the “direct attack” might have brought her an honorable orgasm, it is possible that she will not be able to perform the same technique next time.

What should you do? The only rule that applies is experimentation. To learn more about your partner’s body and to improve your techniques, you need to spend time with her.

These are some tricks you can add to your repertoire that will bring you and your partner joy.

1. The alphabet technique
For men who are not yet able to master the movements required for lingual stimulation of their clitoris or adjacent areas, the so-called alphabet method is a great option. The tip of your tongue is used to “draw” letters inside the vagina.

It is a great way for you to learn how to stimulate your partner. However, many women avoid it because it results in extra wetting of the vagina, without climax.

This simple method can be used when you’re just starting a relationship. However, it is possible for your partner to not be impressed if she knows what stimulation she prefers.

It is easiest to begin with the alphabet technique, and then discover the types of clitoral stimulation your partner prefers.

2. Do not rush to stimulate your vaginal.
You should not rush to the vagina, even if that is your goal. To stimulate other erogenous areas, such as the inner thigh and the area surrounding the vagina, you can use the tip of your tongue. Remember to keep the rhythm slow – you must not forget it. Your partner will feel stimulated and close to orgasm the moment you reach your vagina.

3. Do not be afraid to use your fingers
Oral sex is essentially using your tongue to satisfy your partner. However, you don’t have to stop there. You can also use your fingertips to satisfy your partner if you like it.

You can massage your clitoris by massaging it with your tongue. This will allow you to use up-and-down movements and also massage your extremities. You can go a step further. You can continue the stimulation of the clitoris, adjacent areas, and your index finger in the vagina if your partner is sufficiently lubricated. The lips are just as innervated than the rest of your vagina.

4. It is not necessary to stop immediately following the climax
Most men stop oral stimulation right after their partner has had an orgasm. However, it is better to keep going. For a few seconds, remain in the same position and then let your partner go.

Oral stimulation can be resumed, but at a slower rate. These techniques can be used as well.

Remember to take care when performing oral sex with women. You don’t have the right to give up if things don’t go your way on the first attempt.

Particular terms for sexual life

Psychogenic erectile disorder – This can be caused by stress, fear, frustration, or disappointment. This is often due to the “fear or failure” of the man, which is his fear that the contact will not be able to meet his needs.

These objects are often used in masturbation and sexual contact to increase the sexual experience. They also help to diversify and improve the intimacy life. Aids are often used to achieve sexual satisfaction. Anal balls, aphrodisiacs and penis rings are all examples of erotic aids.

Eroticism is a Latin term that comes from the Latin eroticus. It refers to sexual love, physical love, the gods of love, all things related to love and sex. Sexuality-related discourses that are cultivated. Cultural and historical contexts influence its various forms.

All areas on the body that can be touched or caressed by touching to induce arousal are called erogenous zones. A sexual experience can be more than just the organs. In fact, your entire body could have an erogenous area – the earlobes, neck, and back of the neck. For example, the nipple is extremely sensitive.

Exhibitionism is sexual perversion that manifests itself through public exposure. The most common form of perversion is genital amputation and masturbation before a person of opposite sex. The exhibitor rarely communicates. He can become a sexual aggressor if he uses vulgar language and violent gestures to communicate.

Fetish – According the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), a fetus can be defined as the sexual use of an inanimate object to achieve sexual pleasure and arousal. Many fetishes can be associated with the human body. Another common material that characterizes a structure is rubber, plastic or leather. They may be used to increase sexual arousal in certain cases.

Frigidity, also known as frigidity or frigiditassexualis, is characterized by low sexual activity and inability of having an orgasm. It could be psychological or physical.

Heterosexuality is a combination the Latin nouns sexus and heteros, which literally means a different sexuality. The medical and sexological definitions of heterosexuality include a dominant or exclusive erotic sensitivity to the opposite sex. This is often manifested as emotional affection, intense feelings or the need for serious relationships with people of the same sex. It can also be described by a desire to have intimate relationships with those of the opposite gender, or the desire to feel in love with them.

Homosexuality is a sexual orientation that occurs between two people of the same sex.

Impotence – A persistent problem with erection that prevents a man from having sexual intercourse. This is not an indication of a recurring erection problem, which may occur from time to time. It is a long-term, delicate problem that can negatively impact the quality of your partner’s life. Impotence can also be referred to as erectile dysfunction, impotence, infertility and inability to ejaculate men. It can also refers to the inability of men to ejaculate without orgasm.

Kama Sutra is an Indian text that describes sexuality. Mallanag Vatsjayana (Indian philosopher) is the author of this text, also they tell in Romania filme porno gratis. He lived between the 4th to 6th centuries AD. Kama Sutra is more than a list of sex positions. This Indian teaching is more complex than the others, but it lacks aesthetic value. The Kama Sutra teachings are based on two basic principles: mutual love and discipline. Zerexsutra is the modern sex guide. This book will help you unleash your imagination and become a better partner. ZEREXSUTRA will show you the secrets that will spark your sex life.

Kegel exercises were created by Arnold Kegel, a woman’s doctor. They are a set of exercises that work exclusively on the PC muscle. Kegel exercises were created in 1920 to correct minor anatomical differences that had occurred at birth. These exercises were slowly adopted by men, who were able to control their erections and prevent premature ejaculation. This exercise involves contracting and rhythmic relaxing the muscles, primarily the PC muscle.

Libido – sexual instinct or sexual desire. It’s a combination of successive innate reflexes that are influenced by hormonal activity and which stimulate the desire for sexual contact among adults. Sometimes it is called “sexual appetite”. Our desire to have sex increases rapidly if libido drops. Both men and women are affected by this.

Masochism, according to Sacher-Masoch (1836-1895), a type of sadomasochism where the partner (masochist), finds pleasure in being humiliated or abused by the individual (masochist). Sexual satisfaction is only possible when an individual is being abused. Masochists combine enthusiasm with physical or mental pain. Masochism, which is more broadly defined, refers to a person who suffers from a painful condition that cannot be avoided or seeks out torture in their own life.

Masturbation, also known as masturbation or masturbation is a type of sexual behavior that involves sexually stimulating the sexual organs and other erogenous areas with one’s own hands (autoeroticism), or using erotic aids in order to have an orgasm.

Menopause – transition, menopause. This is the time in a woman’s life when the activity of her ovaries slowly ceases and her menstrual cycle stops. The hormonal changes are accompanied by a decrease of sex hormone production. Menstrual cycles become irregular and eventually stop.

Monogamy – Monogamy refers to the union of one man and one woman. It refers to exclusive and reproductive communion that occurs throughout the entire life of two persons. Naturalists distinguish between social monogamy and sexual. A social association with a permanent partner is used primarily to raise children but also allows for other sexual contacts. Monogamy is the opposite of polygamy.

Reasons Why You Should Have Morning Sex

Although sex is a very intimate and enjoyable activity for couples, it can become monotonous if done in the same locations or at the same times. There are many benefits to having sex in the morning, even though many couples avoid it for different reasons such as bad breath or fear of being late at work. Here are seven reasons morning sex can be beneficial for couples.

Morning erections last longer
Many couples believe that the night before bed is the best time to fall in love, but specialized studies show otherwise. After a night of restful sleep, the body produces more male hormone in the morning than it does during the day. This means that your ground floor will experience a longer period of erection after a day on the road.

You should be aware that having sex in morning can have some drawbacks, including morning breathing (halena), and physiological secretions (eg, sweating) at night. These issues can be quickly overcome with a quick shower. Who said that sex was only in bed in morning?
Morning sex boosts your immune system

According to the latest research, morning sex boosts immunity and helps produce immunoglobulin A. This is a crucial antibody that fights infections. This means that partners who regularly sex in the morning are less likely to get sick than those who sex during the day.

It’s stronger than a cup coffee
It is no surprise that great sex parties fill you with energy. Doctors say that while most people associate sex with sleep, sex in the first hour of the morning is better than coffee.

Why? Why? Because sexual intercourse, or more specifically orgasm stimulates the brain which releases oxytocin, also known as the hormone of happiness. The naturally produced oxytocin gives us energy that won’t disappear as quickly as our first cup of coffee.

You both wake up feeling better
Morning sex can be a great way to beat monotony. It is also an excellent source of energy and well being. You will be happier and more energetic after a morning game. The brain releases oxytocin and serotonin during and after intercourse. This, along with oxytocin (for pain), is what causes the “hormone of good mood”
This reduces the chance of developing diseases like breast and prostate cancer.

Medical studies show that morning sex can help prevent serious conditions like breast and prostate cancer. Statistics show that women who sex every day are less likely to develop breast cancer. The same goes for men who ejaculate more than once a day. They are less likely to develop breast cancer. Prostate.

This phenomenon could be explained by hormones being secreted that protect against the growth of cancer cells.

It slows down the aging process
You already know that those who have sex more often live longer. While it is often dismissed as common sense, there are some truths to the story. Couples who get to bed more often lead a happier life.

Regular sex can help prevent serious diseases like cancer and vascular disease. It is obvious that those who retire to the bedroom more often will live longer, healthier lives.

A 30 minute cardio workout is done by a game
You don’t have to worry about your weight gain or if you don’t go to the gym enough, sex can help. According to clinical studies, a healthy adult can burn approximately 21 kilocalories while having sex.

Why spend your mornings on the gym or riding medical bikes when there is a natural alternative that is easier and more fun?

Morning sex offers many benefits. It can help you fight serious health conditions. On the other hand it can make you more relaxed and in a better mood. You may even lose weight after holidays.

It’s no longer rare to find sex-only relationships

Friends with benefits is a common phrase that has become part of our common vocabulary. Many films depict such relationships. They develop over two hours, culminating when they realize that love and presence are actually between them. In reality, however, things do not always work out that way.

What are the consequences of sex-based relationships?

If a couple starts a relationship based on only sexual attraction, they may not be willing to put in more emotional investment. The chances of the relationship developing are slim in this situation. It takes time for a relationship to grow. This includes sharing, emotional intimacy, and spending time together. These same things can happen even if you are having sex. , but not always, some people prefer to make filme porno xxx at home. However, intimacy can only be achieved if it is limited to the body. Sometimes, the couple chooses this relationship over a more intimate one. They may not be emotionally available or are at a time in their lives when this is not a priority. This reduces the chances of the relationship evolving.

Both partners should be at the same place. If they are, the relationship will not evolve. It will likely stay the same until one of them changes his priorities or is available. If the other person is willing and able to invest more, then the relationship can continue to develop. However, if there is not such synchronization, it is likely that it will end.

What is the average length of sex-based relationships?

These relationships don’t have a set duration. The evolution of the couple will determine how long they spend together. As I mentioned earlier, if one wants more from a relationship, there will be a change. Either the relationship will change or end, The attraction may not be strong enough, or they are attracted to other people.

What happens if one of the partners demands more?

It is crucial that the person seeking the change accepts that his or her partner may not be at the same place. If he insists on emotional closeness with someone he doesn’t want or can offer, it is likely that he will feel hurt. If one of them desires a deeper relationship, it will frustrate him to be in a sex-only partnership. However, when it comes love, the person may not be as objective and risk staying in an unhealthy relationship for too long, hoping that things will improve.

Expectations can lead to frustration, loneliness, abandonment, and low self-esteem. It is crucial to assess the current situation and how it might evolve and to consider whether you should try to end the relationship, even though this can be painful. If you don’t have a partner, it is more likely that you will find a relationship that meets your needs.