Sex after 40: How can you keep the flame of passion lit?

While most couples believe that love fades after 40, we can show you that bedroom guides are not too old. You can have sexual longevity by being patient, being careful with your partner and never giving up on trying new things in bed.

What is the best age to start sex?
Contrary to popular belief, there is still a sexlife after 40, contrary to popular belief. Although we all associate sex as youth, science has shown that we can still enjoy our partners in sex even after we turn gray.

Although our muscle flexibility is not as good as it was at 20 years of age, we still have the ability to experiment with more sexual positions. However, a touch or massage can bring us back to life.

According to specialist studies, some physiological functions decrease with age. Men, for example, experience a decrease in quality and length of erections. These effects can be worsened by conditions like prostate or cardiovascular disease.

The main problem for ladies is lubrication. The vaginal cavity can no longer produce the same amount as it did in youth.

This does not mean you cannot get around the bedroom. Potency supplements are a great option for men who want to maintain erection for longer periods of time.

Even if you are a person who tends to just go straight to work, it is important to place more emphasis on foreplay.

Tips for a 40 year-old sex life
After 40, sex is more about tenderness and calculated touches than the explosive effusions of youth. You can add a little more lubricant if your partner is experiencing pain during penetration.

If you have trouble maintaining an erection, don’t panic. You can massage the intimate areas with a long stroke. You can get a better result by asking your partner to massage the perineum (the region between the anus & the testicles) with his fingers or the tip of his tongue.

Surprise your partner with a long massage that focuses on the intimate parts and ends with oral sex. You will need to insist on the intimate areas of the body because the vagina is less able to self-lubricate.

One of the most popular sex myths is the belief that a man can only have orgasm during ejaculation. There is nothing worse. Oral stimulation of the erogenous areas can cause male orgasm as well as penetration.

There is no sexual longevity formula. Many people find that sexual intercourse is difficult or impossible due to their medical conditions.

Antidepressant treatments can cause side effects such as a lack of orgasm. Certain medications, such as those for Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s can irreversibly alter sexual function.

You need patience and patience when it comes to sex after 40. Although you may be less active in the bedroom than you once were, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on sex.

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