Reasons Why You Should Have Morning Sex

Although sex is a very intimate and enjoyable activity for couples, it can become monotonous if done in the same locations or at the same times. There are many benefits to having sex in the morning, even though many couples avoid it for different reasons such as bad breath or fear of being late at work. Here are seven reasons morning sex can be beneficial for couples.

Morning erections last longer
Many couples believe that the night before bed is the best time to fall in love, but specialized studies show otherwise. After a night of restful sleep, the body produces more male hormone in the morning than it does during the day. This means that your ground floor will experience a longer period of erection after a day on the road.

You should be aware that having sex in morning can have some drawbacks, including morning breathing (halena), and physiological secretions (eg, sweating) at night. These issues can be quickly overcome with a quick shower. Who said that sex was only in bed in morning?
Morning sex boosts your immune system

According to the latest research, morning sex boosts immunity and helps produce immunoglobulin A. This is a crucial antibody that fights infections. This means that partners who regularly sex in the morning are less likely to get sick than those who sex during the day.

It’s stronger than a cup coffee
It is no surprise that great sex parties fill you with energy. Doctors say that while most people associate sex with sleep, sex in the first hour of the morning is better than coffee.

Why? Why? Because sexual intercourse, or more specifically orgasm stimulates the brain which releases oxytocin, also known as the hormone of happiness. The naturally produced oxytocin gives us energy that won’t disappear as quickly as our first cup of coffee.

You both wake up feeling better
Morning sex can be a great way to beat monotony. It is also an excellent source of energy and well being. You will be happier and more energetic after a morning game. The brain releases oxytocin and serotonin during and after intercourse. This, along with oxytocin (for pain), is what causes the “hormone of good mood”
This reduces the chance of developing diseases like breast and prostate cancer.

Medical studies show that morning sex can help prevent serious conditions like breast and prostate cancer. Statistics show that women who sex every day are less likely to develop breast cancer. The same goes for men who ejaculate more than once a day. They are less likely to develop breast cancer. Prostate.

This phenomenon could be explained by hormones being secreted that protect against the growth of cancer cells.

It slows down the aging process
You already know that those who have sex more often live longer. While it is often dismissed as common sense, there are some truths to the story. Couples who get to bed more often lead a happier life.

Regular sex can help prevent serious diseases like cancer and vascular disease. It is obvious that those who retire to the bedroom more often will live longer, healthier lives.

A 30 minute cardio workout is done by a game
You don’t have to worry about your weight gain or if you don’t go to the gym enough, sex can help. According to clinical studies, a healthy adult can burn approximately 21 kilocalories while having sex.

Why spend your mornings on the gym or riding medical bikes when there is a natural alternative that is easier and more fun?

Morning sex offers many benefits. It can help you fight serious health conditions. On the other hand it can make you more relaxed and in a better mood. You may even lose weight after holidays.