Eight things that every man needs to know about the penis: All about it

Although we know that penis has two functions in biology (reproductive and secretory), many aspects remain a mystery. You want to learn everything you can about penis. This article will tell you all about penis.

Smoking can reduce the size of your penis
An excessive use of tobacco can adversely affect a person’s sexual life. It can also irreversibly impact aspects of marital life, beyond the grave conditions such as cardiovascular disease and lung cancer.

Surprisingly smoking can have an impact on the size of your penis. The penis size of heavy smokers can be as much as one centimeter smaller than those who don’t smoke. Men can stimulate their penis by watching filme xxx. It is simple. Smoking disrupts blood circulation and causes calcification of blood vessels. This causes a weak, short-lasting erection.

Another unfortunate side effect of smoking is infertility. Clinical studies have shown that tobacco contains certain chemicals which can alter the physiological properties of men such as their concentrations, motility (degrees of movement), appearance, and genetic information.
There are many types of penis.

Although men tend to believe that the penis is one-shaped, doctors have proven that there are actually two types.

The first penis type is one that expands when it becomes erect. The second penis is the penis that stays the same size or grows 1 to 2 centimeters after erection.
The brain is not involved in the ejaculation process

You’ve probably all heard the expression, “The man in love doesn’t think.” This saying seems to make sense. The nerve bundle in the spine triggers the physiological mechanism that causes ejaculation, according to a study.

Penis ruptures can occur
The male reproductive organ may rupture, regardless of how it is described in colloquial language. Penile fractures are most commonly caused by accidental trauma or sexual activity without foreplay.

The fibrous tissue around the corpus cavernosum, anatomical cavity that plays a crucial role in erection, may become brittle due to unusual sexual interactions. Penile fracture is characterized by acute pain in the penis, which can radiate into your abdomen, loss of erection, edema, and a sound very similar to the one produced when the small alveoli break.

The treatment for a penis fracture is similar to a bone fracture. The patient will be advised to stay in bed during treatment and to wear a special support splint.

During pregnancy, the penis can become erect.
Surprisingly, a baby’s penis may become erect during pregnancy. Sometimes, the baby might have an erection several months before birth. In some cases, ultrasounds even show that they can masturbate in the mother’s womb.

The largest penis in all of the world
The American Jonah Adam Falcon holds the title of the largest penis worldwide in the category of world records. A specialized commission was formed to homologate Falcon’s measurements in 1999. It determined that Falcon’s penis measured 34 cm tall.
One penis can be owned by a man.

Strangely, a man may have more than one penis. Dysphagia is a rare medical condition that allows patients to have two functional penises.

Patients with dysphagia are twice more likely to develop spinal cord disease than others.

This article aims to provide the most interesting information on the penis. We hope we were able to show that the penis is an important part of a man’s anatomy. Do you have any other curiosities?